My F.I.T. Number is designed to test your overall fitness. That is awesome if you’re great at one thing but we want to push you to be good at everything. 

There are 10 Cardio, 10 Gymnastics, and 10 Weightlifting movements. Each movement has a possibility of scoring 1 to 5 points. With some simple math (5 points x 30 movements) you can see there is a max of 150 possible points. To make things a little more fun there is a ranking system of 10 total ranks starting at Second Lieutenant and ending at a Four Star General. It doesn’t matter what movements you earn your points in to make it to each rank. 

Every movement that you submit must be approved by a listed Judge that has passed the judges course or a video must be submitted with your score. The way this challenge keeps it’s integrity is by the judges and athletes holding each other to the same listed standards for each movement.

Sign up for a membership and start recording your scores. 

  • Trial Membership – This will allow you to see how things work but you will not have access you all of the movements/pages of the challenge
  • Athlete Membership – This will give you full access you every movement in the challenge to get your true F.I.T. Number.
  • Judge/Athlete Membership – This will give you access to the judges section of the website. There you can take the judges course and after you pass that your name will be added to the judge selection in the submission form to be able to validate athletes scores.